Get Published Workshop

Are You an Author Ready to Publish Your Book?

  • You've been struggling to understand how the book publishing process works.
  • You don't have the time to research HOW to publish, you just want to get it published. 
  • You don't know the strategies of selecting specific keywords and categories for YOUR book.
  • Or You Just wish someone could do it for you...

Then the Get Published Workshop is for you!

This workshop is for authors who have already written their book or are close to finishing it and ready for the next stage of publishing.

It will help you get clear on your path through the process of publishing, you'll be guided each week with acheivable tasks to do so you are one step closer to publishing and by the end of the workshop, your book will be close to published or even published!  

Here's what you'll learn

  • The step by step process of formatting your book to ensure your manuscript and cover will upload to the publisher without experiencing publishing errors. 
  • Strategies for researching the best keywords and categories
  •  The tools, software and accounts you need to publish your book.
  • How to get more categories so the chance of being seen beats your competitors (even rank higher on the Amazon bestseller list).
  • And if your book is ready, you’ll actually Publish your book!


  • Get Published Workshop
  • $222 AUD

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  • Book formatting & Publishing skills
  • Keywords and categories strategies
  • Knowledge of book publishing tools & software

Melissa Desveaux

Hi, I'm Melissa Desveaux

I live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and two boys. I'm an Author and Author Consultant and I help authors feel confident in writing their personal stories, Get Published, and Grow their Audience so they can make an impact in the world and become credible experts in their industry. 

My journey as an author started after pregnancy loss, writing my own book My Life of Loss, and then helping other families write their own stories of pregnancy struggles, compiling them into two books.

I found the process of writing and self-publishing too confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming! I spent hundreds of hours jumping from one website to another trying to put all the pieces together but I’d end up getting frustrated! 

BUT I had a message to share! 

Since then, I've contributed to three anthologies, written many articles and I've been interviewed about my books and featured in major magazines and newspapers like Woman's Day. 

In 2017 I won an Australia Day award for dedicating my time to help families through the grief after pregnancy and infant loss and in 2019 I became an ambassador for the Pink Elephants Support Network, supporting mothers who have experienced miscarriage. 

Letters of Love is my new anthology of Uplifting Letters from around the world, which was released in February 2021. Letters of Love will become a book series.

My mission is to inspire and empower those who would like to write their story and help them get their book self-published.

Writing is a powerful way to convey messages across hundreds of platforms worldwide. With one book, you can change thousands of lives. Don't let fear hold you back from showing the world what you're made of!

Reach out to me to chat about the Get Published Accelerator or any questions you have and let's get you published!