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Melissa Desveaux helps Authors and Book Collaborators, publish their books and coordinate book collaborations,  so they can share their empowering message and create a meaningful impact in the world.

Start Writing & Get Published!

You have an AMAZING story to tell, instead you tell yourself you’re not ready to write it… You believe your writing isn’t good enough to be published…

 You don’t have a clue how to start writing let alone publish…  You’re not alone. I went through these limiting beliefs too.

You’re probably feeling lost about how to start your writing journey and although these feelings may be holding you back, you know deep down that you’ve been called to share your story.

I can help you release those fears so you start writing your first story. Helping people write their own story became my mission after writing my own story, in particular for women who experienced pregnancy struggles.

I realised that there were so many mothers experiencing grief that they turned to groups for support, not realising that they can help themselves to heal.  Writing was my way of healing after the pregnancy losses I endured.

You have your own reason for writing your story, maybe it’s for your own healing; to provide advice or guidance or share something you’ve learned so you can teach others. Whatever it is, your words will be relevant to someone in this world and as a result, you could change someone’s life.

These are a couple of ways you can get your own book published with my help:

 Join my Get Published Accelerator Program - This program will help you start your writing journey so you won’t feel overwhelmed. It's a step by step program that will have you breaking through any of those fears and doubts you have.

You will start writing your story and have your own book self published within 12 weeks with support along the way!

I’ll publish for you! I have a small team to help you edit, design your cover and format your book for you, setup your own publishing accounts, (you get to choose) and upload your full book to the publisher on your behalf.

I don’t take any royalties from the sale of your book and you own all the rights.

 Visit myservicespage to see the full details.


"Working with Melissa is a great experience, because she guides you from the very beginning through her excellent course “Get Published Accelerator”. This course is extremely detailed and very well explained, a resource you can come to many times for guidance on your journey as an author. Melissa has been an expert teacher for me, I have learned key components on how to self-publish and how to market a book. I highly recommend Melissa’s services".

Veronica Sanchez De Darivas
Spiritual Awakening Teacher,
Certified Instructor Cyclopea Method,
Bestselling Author

"I always knew I would start writing books one day. Melissa's course has made that dream a reality. Even if you have no idea what you want to write about, this course is excellent, because she starts at the beginning to help you find your Why and what YOU should write about. My book is finally in progress and I can't wait to publish!".

Abbie Joy Covington

"I'm on module 5 of Melissa's course and it has been an absolute Godsend. I have had a "book" in my head for way too many years. I had no idea where to begin to start making it look like a book. It was completely overwhelming! Melissa's course has taken these thoughts in my head (and on numerous notebooks, sticky notes, phone notes etc) and put them in order in such a way that my book is being created organically right before my eyes! It is exactly what I needed! I know that my thoughts would still just be thoughts without this course. Thank you Melissa for creating this incredibly helpful course!".

Kimberly Smith

Nor Suhir -
#1 International Bestselling Author, and Entrepreneur Certified Social Media Profits Formula

Here's What You Need To Know...

  • Your letter can be between 2000 to 3000 words
  • All editing, design and formatting is included
  • You'll receive a printed copy of the book once published
  • You can submit one colour portrait photo of you and one of the person your letter is addressed to
  • You'll receive personalised Book Mockups and banners for promotion
  • A written & edited bio and contact details for self-promotion
  • Marketing Plan to make it easy for you to keep track, promote and sell to your audience.
  • My personal guidance and group support
  • 1:1 interview with me
  • Group coaching to help you throughout the process of marketing, promoting and launching the book
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Lots of bonuses to help you promote the book
  • You must apply to join!

Become a Book Contributor

When you join the Letters of Love book collaboration, you become part of a team with other authors, writing a letter to someone special. The book is published and launched and we aim high to reach bestseller on Amazon!

If you've always dreamed about Self-Publishing a book
of your own;  

Want to increase your authority and credibility as an author or in your life;
Want to leave a legacy for your family & friends;

Determined to make an impact in the world using your special message that will inspire and empower someone.

Then, becoming a Co-Author in the  "Letters of Love" Book Collection may be just for you!

Letters of Love is a collection of personal letters written by authors who want to leave a message to the ones they love.  These letters are filled with hope, inspiration and LOVE and most importantly, these letters will be remembered.

The next book will be for parents, grandparents, or familiy members who have experienced the loss of a baby  through pregnancy or as an infant. It will be released in October 2022.

If you'd like to write a letter to your loved one, please apply below.