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I am so proud of these books. Not only have they been read by people all around the world, they have touch the hearts of many and given a different perspective on Pregnancy and Love.

My Life of Loss is a book I wrote to help promote awareness of miscarriage and stillbirth. I have experienced both and I have been blessed with my two wonderful little boys. My story will show you my journey from my first to my last pregnancies including three miscarriages, a stillborn baby and my two babies. I have been through the worst part of my life so far and I am now in a place free from the grief I endured not too long ago.

Comfort for the Tears is a compilation of Pregnancy Memoirs and takes you on a journey through the lives of other parents that have been through pregnancy struggles and have found their way of healing. These stories can help you understand that you are not alone in your grief and set you on your own path of happiness after the loss of your baby, early delivery of your baby or your difficulties falling pregnant

Comfort for the tears, Light  for the Way is a collection of memoirs, written by parents and their families who have also endured loss of a baby or infant, have struggled to fall pregnant, or their babies were born prematurely. It is an inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

Letters of Love: A Collection of Uplifting Letters from Around the World - We all need love in our lives. Without it, we wouldn't experience happiness, dedication, or determination. We wouldn’t be selfless or kind. Love isn’t just a word, but a feeling, an action … and it’s pure. In this new book titled Letters of Love, 12 inspiring and award-winning authors courageously write their own letters of love. They express the love of themselves to their family, to God, to the world, to those who have passed, and to the people who have shown them, love. Share the authors’ love as they take us on a journey to show the people in their lives and yours what is possible and how much they care. Letters of Love might even encourage you to love beyond measure, show kindness and hope, and be the light in the dark that so many seek.

Healing After Pregnancy Loss - A guide for bereaved parents
- When you are grieving the loss of your baby during pregnancy, many thoughts rush through your mind. Why me? how? what if? Only you can find healing within your soul, but know you are not alone. Including a gratitude journal, daily healing prompts, words of comfort with quotes, and affirmations for each stage of pregnancy, this book provides guidance to help you on your healing journey, finding love and happiness again.


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