Book Launch Marketing Plan

A Step-by-Step Plan To Organise Your Book Launch Successfully!

Want To Create A Successful Book Launch For Your Book?

 Of Course You Do!

Are you an author who has tried to launch your book but the only people who bought your book were family and friends?

Have you written or currently writing a book but you don't know what steps to take to launch your book?

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about marketing your book?

And do you wish there was a system you could strategically follow that will help you launch your book, even before your book is completed?

Introducing...The Book Launch Marketing Plan!

This plan will help you complete the publishing steps so you can move onto marketing your book even before you finish writing it!

Marketing your book doesn't happen overnight. It takes months and then you need to think about how you are going to launch!

I have literally taken out the guesswork of marketing and launching your book!

With two highly successful book launches I did recently, I have to say, I would have been lost without
using this plan.

So why is this Book Launch Marketing Plan so good?

Because you're following a plan.. Step-Step, checking off what you've done each time you've done it!

There are checklists for each stage of the marketing and book launch as well as email templates to help you write your own marketing emails!

And the most important part of marketing, is knowing who your audience is! Included is a workbook that will send you through a series of steps to identify your target market so when you launch your book, you're not selling to everyone. You're attracting the "right" type of customers to you!

Here's What's Included :

  • Publishing Plan - To keep you on track with your publishing 
  • Presale Plan - To ensure you're ready for your book launch 
  • Book Launch Plan - To get your book in the best possible position to get good sales 
  • Post Launch Plan - You need to keep up the hype
  • Email templates to keep your email subscribers up to date
  • Sample graphics to use in your marketing
  • Other tools and resources to help you with marketing and targeting your ideal customers

Want A Two In One Deal?

If you're looking for help with publishing your book as well, why not try the  Publishing Workshop and Marketing Plan Bundle where you get two courses at a reduced price

Melissa Desveaux

Hi, I'm Melissa Desveaux

I live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and two boys. I'm an Author and Author Consultant and I help authors feel confident in writing their personal stories, Get Published, and Grow their Audience so they can make an impact in the world and become credible experts in their industry. 

My journey as an author started after pregnancy loss, writing my own book My Life of Loss, and then helping other families write their own stories of pregnancy struggles, compiling them into two books.

I found the process of writing and self-publishing too confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming! I spent hundreds of hours jumping from one website to another trying to put all the pieces together but I’d end up getting frustrated! 

BUT I had a message to share! 

Since then, I've contributed to three anthologies, written many articles and I've been interviewed about my books and featured in major magazines and newspapers like Woman's Day. 

In 2017 I won an Australia Day award for dedicating my time to help families through the grief after pregnancy and infant loss and in 2019 I became an ambassador for the Pink Elephants Support Network, supporting mothers who have experienced miscarriage. 

Letters of Love is my new anthology of Uplifting Letters from around the world, which was released in February 2021. Letters of Love will become a book series.

My mission is to inspire and empower those who would like to write their story and help them get their book self-published.

Writing is a powerful way to convey messages across hundreds of platforms worldwide. With one book, you can change thousands of lives. Don't let fear hold you back from showing the world what you're made of!

Reach out to me to chat about the Get Published Accelerator or any questions you have and let's get you published!



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