I'm Melissa Desveaux, author of" My Life of Loss" and Co-Author and Publisher of "Comfort for the Tears Light for the way" and "Comfort for the Tears. I'm also a Peer Support Ambassador for the Pink Elephants Support Network.

​In June 2008 I lost the most wanted child my husband and I had ever dreamed of. In fact I lost one before and another two after.

My child was born still. Charlize would have grown into a gorgeous, amazing little young lady. A child that we could nurture and love for eternity. But we didn’t get that chance. She died in my womb after 28 short weeks of her unborn life. The the organ that was meant to nourish her, was not functioning as it should have been.
My other unborn babies died under 9 weeks gestation. There was no explanation for why they died.

I have had six pregnancies in total and two out of those six, I was delivered two beautiful babies, Damien and Ethan and they are the reason I live. I love and cherish them with every bone in my body.

I wrote "My Life of Loss" to help me heal. To release the burden of grief and to also allow other mothers and fathers who have lost a baby understand that they are not alone. To bring awareness of Pregnancy and infant loss. And to bring hope after loss.

"Comfort for the tears, Light for the Way" is a collection of memoirs, written by parents and their families who have also endured loss of a baby or infant, have struggled to fall pregnant, or their babies were born prematurely. It is an inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

"Comfort for the Tears" is a second version of "Comfort for the tears, Light for the Way" with additional stories and many other changes. It was released in December 2018. My mission for this book is to be seen in libraries, hospitals and in organisations around the world, with families who have endured a pregnancy struggle so that they can start their journey to healing. 

I know the pain and heartache of losing a child. I know that it changes your life. I also know that there is light and hope.

I have been inspired to continue my journey in helping families find comfort and healing in the midst of grieving for the loss of a  baby during or after pregnancy.

Reading real stories will help you understand that everyone has their own coping mechanisms and everyone has their own story to tell. Some, you may even relate to. My goal is to inspire and empower those who would like to write their story and help them get their book self-published.

I hope these books bring that comfort and healing you need.

All the Best
Melissa Desveaux

My Story

We’re all born with a blank canvas on which to paint our lives. I’m painting mine with the most empowering words imaginable.