Letters of Love Releases on
10 October 2021

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When so much of the current world around us seems shrouded in darkness, Letters of Love is back to brighten even the darkest of days.

 From pregnancy loss to community compassion, family gratitude to self love, surviving trauma to paying tribute to heroes past and present, Letters of Love - Inspiration, Gratitude, Hope is a book filled with letters written by authors from around the globe. No two letters are alike, but each one is penned from a place of overwhelming love. These letters will pull on your heartstrings, give you an understanding of the many forms of love, inspire you, and give you strength to push through your own adversities.

 This heartfelt compilation is the follow-up to the international best selling first volume of Letters of Love and is just as sure to fill your heart as you read all-new letters about love, the hero's journey, and living in gratitude.

Meet the Authors

Melissa Desveaux
Author & Publisher
Carol Ann Gvineria
Kerri-Ann Sheppard
Pallavee Periapayen
Zachary Shiloh Watts
Veronica Sanchez De Darivas
Lovena Sunassee
Jovaniah Nastili