Too Beautiful for Earth, is a beautiful accompanying Journal for Comfort for the Tears. 
Designed for Bereaved Mothers with comforting quotes, angelic colourful images and blank pages to write so you can begin your journey to healing.
With a Hardcover and 100+ pages, this journal is one of it's kind intended for you to read, admire and write. 

Comfort for the tears, Light for the Way is a collection of memoirs, written by parents and their families who have also endured loss of a baby or infant, have struggled to fall pregnant, or their babies were born prematurely. It is an inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming story.


Comfort for the Tears is a compilation of Pregnancy Memoirs and takes you on a journey through the lives of other parents that have been through pregnancy struggles and have found their way of healing. 
These stories can help you understand that you are not alone in your grief and set you on your own path of happiness after the loss of your baby, early delivery of your baby or your difficulties falling pregnant.

My Life of Loss is a book I wrote to help promote awareness of miscarriage and stillbirth. I have experienced both and I have been blessed with my two wonderful little boys. My story will show you my journey from my first to my last pregnancies including three miscarriages, a stillborn baby and my two babies. I have been through the worst part of my life so far and I am now in a place free from the grief I endured not too long ago.

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